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Bryn Mawr Rehab

Working with driver rehabilitation specialist often an exciting new chapter in rehab

Independence is a major goal of every rehabilitation program and for many, driving a vehicle is the ultimate freedom. For more than 30 years, Bryn Mawr Rehab has offered a unique way for patients to return to this crucial aspect of their lives. Working with a driver rehabilitation specialist, patients learn to use our specially equipped vehicles, which include a variety of hand controls, steering devices, and pedal modifications, represent an exciting new phase in the lives of many people recovering from major injuries, or people living with a range of disabilities.

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In many cases, conditions that formerly kept people close to home are overcome with modern adaptations and specialized training, providing an enormous boost in quality of life as well as economic opportunity, when people are able to travel independently to work. Outpatient driver rehab is offered at Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital in Malvern, Pennsylvania, just outside of Philadelphia.




The Modern Driver Institute was founded in 2014 by Michael Mercadante, a traffic safety expert, educational psychologist, professional driving instructor and Driving Rehabilitation Specialist who sought a new way to teach driver education.

Driving has fundamentally changed over the last few decades, but driver’s education has been the same since the 1950’s.  Most driving instructors still focus the bulk of their efforts on building physical skills, an outdated teaching model based upon older vehicles that were largely manually operated.  Many driving instructors still teach steering techniques that have been made obsolete by changing automotive technologies decades ago.

Driving is no longer a mostly physical task.  Today’s cars require  little physical effort to operate.  Instead, modern drivers need to be trained in the cognitive and behavioral skills needed to keep themselves safe in a road environment that is ever more crowded with drivers who are ever more distracted.

That’s the focus of the Modern Driver Institute – we’re teaching our students the cognitive, behavioral and physical skills needed to survive on our modern roadways.

The MDI mission will eventually unfold in three ways:

Training and education at the regional level

Educational outreach (through materials development) globally

Institutional research in the field of driver safety


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