Train the Trainers: A session on autism and sexuality presented by Isabelle Henault



Train the Trainer - Autism and Sexuality with Isabelle Henault,PhD

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Train the Trainer Session! 

Two-day session: 
Friday & Saturday, June 26-June 27,2015.

Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, 4170 City Ave, Philadelphia PA 19131

ASCEND is co-sponsoring a unique learning opportunity for psychologists and other mental health professionals.

In return, the first 20 ASCEND enews readers who register by June 5 will receive an early-bird discount.


From flyer
Isabelle Henault, PhD and Carol S. Weinman, Esq:
Within recent years there has been a rapid development of interventions for

Asperger’s syndrome and asperger’s spectrumdisorders. Yet, there has been little attention devoted to the topic of relationships and sexuality in this population. Based on her extensive work, Dr. Henault will utilize case
illustrations and examples to illustrate strategies designed to improve the
social and sexual skills of adolescents and adults with Asperger’s syndrome.

In her presentation, Dr. Henault will address several critical topics including:
friendships, emotions, communications, sexual behavior, intimacy and
interpersonal relationships. The presenter will discuss advanced educational
techniques regarding sex educationwithin this population as well as the
application of useful tools and strategies. The presenter will use the clinical
and empirical literature as well as practice knowledge in this area to inform
guidelines for best practice.

Educational Objectives:
Based on the presentation, the participants will be able to:
• Assess and analyze unresolved sexual needs and problems of those
individuals with Asperger’s syndrome and Asperger spectrum
• Discuss laws and regulations about sexuality regarding this
• Prepare and develop guidelines on sexuality for helping
individuals with Asperger’s and Asperger spectrumdisorders.
• Apply Dr. Henault’s sex education program in a step-by-step fashion.


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