JAKE App Study
P.I. – Judith Miller, PhD Study Coordinator: Leah Latterner 
Contact information: [email protected] 

Description: With the use of new mobile app technology, this study aims to develop a mobile app-based system to monitor clinical outcomes in children and adults with ASD vs. typically developing children and adults. Children and adults ages 6 and older with or without ASD may take part. The total time commitment for the study varies depending whether you are typically developing or have ASD. Participants with ASD are asked to make 3 study visits, as well as 3-5 phone contacts over 9-11 weeks. Study visits involve computer tasks, behavioral testing, and cognitive (IQ) testing. Electrical activity in the brain, eye movements, and heart rate will also be measured. Participants without ASD will only make 1 study visit to complete the same tasks and assessments.