Research Study on the Childbirth Experience
Would you like the chance to talk about your experiences during birth?  Autistic Women are being sought for a study focusing on the childbirth experience.   Autistic Women with who have given birth within the past 10 years in an acute care setting such as a hospital and had no complications in themselves or with their baby are invited to participate. 
To be considered for the study you must be able to read and speak English and be willing and able to answer questions in an interview.
This is a study has been approved for solicitation of participants by Institutional Review Board at Widener University.  The researcher is a doctoral nursing student.
The study’s title is: The Experiences of Autistic Women During Childbirth in the Acute Care Setting.
You will be interviewed about your childbirth experience in a convenient place and time for you.  You may also choose to be interviewed over the phone.  The interview will last about 1 hour. 
There is a slight risk of experiencing some anxiety during the interview and the potential loss of privacy during the interview.  To decrease these risks, the researcher will interview you in a private location and keep all records of the interview private.  You may also bring someone to the interview if you wish.
All participants will receive a $50.00 Amazon gift at the interview.
Please consider participating.  This is an opportunity to share your childbirth experiences to help nurses better understand the needs of women with autism spectrum disorder.
If interested, please contact: Jane Donovan, MSN, RNC-MNN  
Phone: 610-609-9967
Email [email protected]